Friday, 22 November 2013

PBS... Milk In Schools

This week was our roll out of Fonterra's Milk In Schools at PBS. We know that by 'drinking it dry' and 'folding it flat' we are not only getting a yummy drink but we are also helping Fonterra to recycle the empty cartons so they can be used to make things like books and roof tiles. Thank you to Mrs Babich, Quaid, Bella and Kyra for being great milk monitors.



  1. Hi PBS,
    I think that the movie was cool.Thank you Fonterra.

    Pah Nwee

  2. Hi Guys

    I like how you made a movie on milk. Thank you Mrs Babich for getting the milk ready for the milk monitors. All the pictures are amazing.


  3. Hi PBS,
    I think that the movie was very nice. Everyone seems to have a wonderful time drinking milk. Thank you Fonterra, the milk monitors and Mrs Babich.

    Yours Sincerely

  4. Hi PBS,

    I really like this movie. Thank you Fonterra, the milk monitors and Mrs Babich


  5. Hi PBS

    Such an amazing a movie about Milk. A lot of cool pictures. Thank you Fonterra, Mrs Babich and the milk monitors.

  6. Hi Room9,
    I think your video about milk is just amazing your milk mounters must be tired from carrying those milk boxes and Miss Babich must be tierd. One more thing keep drinking milk to have healthy strong bones.

  7. Hi Room 9,

    I really like the song it was just amazing.I think your video is about milk.Tell Mrs Anderson to make another movie about milk.The milk was just nice also keep drinking milk to keep you healthy and have strong bones.

  8. HI room 9 i like your video you made and the milk is yummy

  9. Hi Room 9.

    I really like your video about the milk.I think you all enjoy your milk.Keep drinking your milk . The milk is healthy for our body. I like to drink milk also. Well done Room 9.

  10. Hi room 9,

    I really enjoyed watching your video about Milk in schools.Milk is very healthy for us. With the video you made makes the milk tasty. Keep up the great work.

  11. Hi room 9,
    I liked your video of everyone with there milk.
    Thanks Fonterra.Well done room 9 keep the good work up!

  12. Hey Room 9,
    I honestly loved your milk in schools video. I loved how you showed each class drinking their milk and doing their origami skills with them. I liked the introduction but Tienera and Michael. Big special thanks to Isabella, Kyra and Mrs Babbadge. Thanks for anding out the milk and the fruit. Keep the awesome work up!

  13. Hi room 9 I think that your video is really cool how you got everyone
    drinking there milk keep up the good work

  14. Hi Room 9

    I think that your video is really cool
    Thanks everyone for drinking their milk.

  15. Hi Room 9,

    Great video about milk in schools. The milk is delicious as well and the origami folding is interesting. good job.

  16. Hey Room 9

    Perfect video about mik in school,you should out the website Fonterra milk in school.

    Keep it up

  17. hi room 9

    I like your milk in school video. The milk is nice and delight full and the origami folding is interesting. good job.

  18. Hey Room 9

    I really love your milk movie and especially the song. I think that picking to do your movie on milk was a awesome idea and great speaking from Tienera and Michael.

  19. Hi room 9
    I think that will help us lern to drink it dry and put it in the rubbish bin.