Wednesday, 10 April 2013

World War 2 Presentation: Suliasi

This is my Comic Life presentation on WW2. It tells you about the conflict, what happened and who was involved.


  1. Hey Suliasi

    You did awesome, its really colourful.
    Well done I liked reading your information about World War 2, now I know a lot about this conflict, keep up the work

  2. Hey Suliasi.....

    I enjoyed reading your WW2 presentation. I like the way you set it out and the colours you used. I think next time you make a presentation make sure you use the right colours so other people can read it clearly. Great job on creating your WW2 presentation and keep up the extroadinary work.

  3. I liked reading about WW2. I think you presented your work in an interesting way.

    From Pah Nwee.

  4. Hi Suliasi

    I really like your comic life. It really brings colour and information. I have learnt who was involved and what happened. I like how you put Winston Churchill vs Adolf Hitler. Next maybe you need to put the links of the site or the title and pages of the book. This whole comic life blew me away because how many facts you know about WW2.

    From Jacob

  5. Hi Suliasi
    Your Comic Life presentation was really cool I like that you set it out. Next time remember to use at least two or three colours so that we can read it properly.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Hey Suliasi,
    I really like your Comic Life poster. The colours are awesome and your layout is too. I like how there are different colours for each question/answer. Keep up the awesome work Suliasi.