Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Information Report : Pah Nwee

Vietnam War

War is when countries fight. Are you aware that 38 New Zealand soldiers died in the Vietnam war.

Vietnam was two countries, North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam had lots of rules but South Vietnam had only a few rules. In 1957 the war started because North Vietnam was angry because they wanted South Vietnam to have the same rules. South Vietnam didn’t like this so they had a big fight.

Six million people died in the war. Four million were not soldiers. Some countries made some friendship promises with South Vietnam so they went to help them in the war. Those countries were called the Allied Forces. Australia,  South Korea, New Zealand and America all helped South Vietnam. North Vietnam and the Viet Cong were on the other side.

After the American soldiers went home South Vietnam stopped fighting and gave up. North Vietnam had won the war. They made South Vietnam have the same rules as them.

Lots of people from Vietnam were sad. They had no house, no food and some of their family died.

Today Vietnam is one country and they all have the same rules.

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