Thursday, 11 April 2013

Information Report: Teagan

Vietnam War

Did you know that North Vietnam was so strict and didn’t like people to be relaxed and laid back. While South Vietnam was exactly the opposite. Thats how the conflict started. War is legalised  violence between two or more countries, or the same country if it has two or more leaders. It is the only time you can cause death without being punished.

North Vietnam was communist (strict) and didn’t like the way South Vietnam was acting. South Vietnam was westernised. This disagreement is what started the conflict. It happened in 1957 and ended in 1975. There were two sides fighting they were called the Coalition Forces and the Allied Troops.

There were a lot a weapons used in this war.  They used heaps of rifles and used airplanes as weapons too. They used boats and tanks to kill and destroy. There was a new deadly gas called napalm gas which burnt your skin and made your life miserable. Six million people died in this war. Are you aware that more people died in the war than there are people in Samoa and Tonga.

America took away their army from the war because they were anti war. Now South Vietnam had little support. North Vietnam was getting more weapons from Russia. They were getting stronger and South Vietnam was getting weaker, so South Vietnam had no choice but to surrender.

To show that North Vietnam was boss they changed the capital city of South Vietnam from Saigon to Ho Chi Min City. Vietnam was now a communist country and lived by very strict rules. A lot of people had no house and lived in poverty. Men in families were separated and had to go fight. A lot of children in Vietnam had two cultures (Vietnamese and American) and didn’t get treated the same.

Not many people know the youngest soldier killed was 16years old and the oldest soldier killed was 62 years old .

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