Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Summarising the Main Ideas by Aung Naing

This week for current events we were asked to find a news item that interested us. After reading it we summarised it in our own words before making it more succinct in five 10 syllable sentences.

Article here:

Keywords from the title
Keywords from 
sub- headings
New words I need to look up
Box, cheating, Exam
Exam, student cheating.
Officials, allegedly

Write down 20 important words from the text 
Box, cheating, Exam, cardboard, indian, Students, looking, experiment, other, school, viral, 15, 20, minutes, onehour, removed, Bhagat Pre-University College, Twitter, apology, hearing          
Chose the 6 most important words.
Box, cheating, exam, Bhagat Pre-University College, viral, school   
Turn these words into sentences to summarise the text
People who go to Bhagat Pre-University College, in indian has to wear cardboard box in exam. It is because to keep them from cheating. So that they don’t look at the other people answer sheet. The picture of the student was posted on twitter and it went viral. They say that there were doing an experiment, because that saw other school did it.
10 syllable sentences:

In In-dia schools use card-board box-es. They use the box to keep them from cheating. So that they don’t look at others answers. The picture on Twitter and went viral. They saw other schools did it then copied.

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