Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Ballet Lesson with Chloe by Nyjah

Yesterday LS2 had the amazing opportunity to attend and try out ballet with Chloe. A big thank you to both Chloe and Fiona for making this possible. Our first exercise was to firstly loosen up our feet muscles, legs, arms and hips. After our first exercise we started by practicing a few stances and positions. Our first position was to have our feet in a little v shape. After we got the hang of our positions we did a few ballet jumps. Our challenge was to jump using left leg first in the front and using our back leg to push off. After we had finished that we used our hands as our guide using the opposite arm from our front leg and our back hand facing the side. After we all finished the few exercises Chloe taught us the opening to the swan dance. Everyone in LS2 gave everything a go and i'm sure they enjoyed Chloes way of teaching as she was fun and very productive.

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