Thursday, 14 March 2019

Kiwi Can reflection by Nyjah

Yesterday at Kiwi Can we learnt about Negotiation and our new topic is Cooperation. Negotiation is kind of like having an argument because you are fighting over two or more ideas. I would negotiate if I was drawing with multiple people, because I am more used to drawing by myself and thinking of my own creative ideas. Although sometimes I can mix my idea with someone else and make a even better idea then before! The first game we played was to follow someone but you have to try stay under cover and then you have to guess who was following you... The next game was magic shoes. One person had to take another person to the other side and so that person has magic shoes and they have to go back and bring there team to the other side. Although you had to carry them across without getting them to touch the ground. My team was able to win! 

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