Friday, 1 March 2019

Kiwi Can by Angela


This week we went to Kiwi can. Today we were learning about different tones of voices. What are the different tones of voices. There can be a happy,sad and angry tone of voice. Its important that the different tone of voice we give people do not a affect them in a bad way. When then did a recap of what we talked about last week. We talked about active listening what it is and where we can show it. Active listening means listening and we can show this in class or at home. When then played our Energizer called Fruit salad. What we needed to do was Mrs Paige gave each fruit an action and if you do the action right we stay standing if we do the wrong action we sit down. Then we did an activity which was called Negative and Positive role play. What we needed to do was act out a scenario that Mrs Paige gave us in a negative way and how we could change that in a positive way.

Here is the link to Angela's blogpost.

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