Thursday, 29 June 2017

Winter Solstice by Sanujan and Joshua W

Sanujan and Joshua W have made an animation of the Winter Solstice. They have added in interesting facts. They have also added in how the Northern Hemisphere is currently Summer and the Southern Hemisphere is Winter.  Using their smart searching skills they have made a reference slide with their websites they have used. 


  1. Talofa Lava Sanujan and Joshua,
    Thanks for sharing your animation of the winter solstice. I vividly remember when I was young and first started to understand that summer and winter were at different times in different places and it was all to do with how we moved around the sun! It blew me away:-) You have provided a really great explanation in a creative way. I especially like your Professor and how he keeps encouraging us to learn more. I always look forward to winter solstice because it means the mornings will start getting lighter which is good for me as I run in the mornings. What is your favourite season and why?

  2. Hi Panmure bridge school. My name is Taleisha and I attend to Paihia school. Your winter solstice slide show is very informative. I learnt that there is different weather patterns in different seasons. I only new that the temperature changes in the different seasons. Great job on your presentation.

  3. Hi Sanujan and Joshua W, my name is Yuktha and I go to Paihia School. I like your presentation of Winter Solstice. I learned lots of fun facts about Winter Solstice and your slide presentation is very informative. Amazing job on your presentation.