Thursday, 18 August 2016

Today we looked at an article about a New Zealander ( Nikki Hamblin) who tripped and a person from the other team ( Abbey D'agostino ) who helped her up in the middle of the race. Abbey D'agostino showed an excellent example  of sportsmanship and fair play. Abbey is a true hero by helping up someone in the olympics even though they were competing against each other.  In this DLO I included the When, where, who, what, why and how. I also included the point of view for the different perspectives. What Abbey did was truly showing fair play and sportsmanship. Would you stop to help her even though you were in a race? From this article I  learnt that Nikki tripped because someone else tripped her which made her stop running and Abbey saw that she was injured so she helped her up and told her that they needed to finish the race together.

By Nesi
This is a DLO we did of a current event. For this one it was about the Olympic race. Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D'Agostino showed good sportsmanship in the race because they helped each other when one of them fell, instead of just continuing the race to win a medal. Even though they came last, both of them got put into the finals, sadly Abbey can't race in the finals because she had a torn ACL and strained MCL. They showed to be good role models and good sports from what they did in the 5000 M(meter or 5 kilometer) race.
By Harry

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