Wednesday, 23 March 2016

PBS Flag Vote by Sajiha

LI - To make an informed choice 

Today, our class had a chance to make an informed choice. An informed choice is making a decision/choice from factual information. Our informed choice was based on whether to change the New Zealand flag or leave the flag as it is now.

We first started off by creating T-charts with our thinking groups. We found information about both sides on the internet and wrote them down. Later on, we all got together as a class and summed up all our ideas. At the end, every single person in our class, including teachers, received a voting paper. We had to make our final choice.

I chose the current flag because it has a lot of history, (Our soldiers fought under the flag) it is recognized worldwide and the new flag will cost 25.7 million dollars which will be a total waste.
Everyone had their own opinion about changing the flag, but we all respected each others choices.

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