Thursday, 2 July 2015

Persuasive Writing: Tim

Should New Zealand Change their Flag?

Most people are happy with our national flag, but some want to have more traditional icons in our flag, like the silver fern, maori designs, etc. If I stated my opinion I would say no. 

First of all, why waste the money? New Zealand is spending a lot of money towards this flag. 25.7 million dollars! Why waste it on a new flag when our current flag has been up since the early 1900s. We should think about all the people with poverty and remember without food, water and a roof on top of their heads, they can’t survive. Without the nutrition they need in their bodies, these people can become unhealthy which can lead to serious illness.

Secondly, we should think about the soldiers, that took a risk fighting for our country under the Union Jack and the four red stars. They had to sacrifice their lives so we could be free. New Zealand wouldn’t be a free country if the soldiers hadn't fought for us.

Thirdly, what’s wrong with our current flag? It honours the past and has been and will be around for decades. If New Zealand changed their flag, yes it may be remembered but the current flag was very important to people back in the 1900s.

In conclusion, I say no! New Zealand should keep their icons, keep the union jack and to  keep the 4 red stars. What do you think? Should New Zealand change their flag?

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