Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Persuasive Writing: Sajiha

Should NZ change its Flag?

Have you ever thought about New Zealand changing it’s official flag? In my opinion, I disagree with changing the flag! The current flag has history and has been flying in the air for more than one hundred years.

First of all, cast your mind back to when WW1 occurred, to all those brave soldiers who fought for our country under the flag that we have today. Imagine how they would feel if we changed it? Our flag has history and memories that our ancestors want to keep forever. It has meaning that no other country in the world has. Just think about that for a moment.

Secondly, do you know how much money it will cost just to change the flag? It will cost approximately 25.7 million dollars as we would need to change everything that has our current flag on it. Remember the earthquake in Christchurch and the recent floods in Wanganui? Don’t you think this money should be used to rebuild the destroyed homes? I believe helping cities in NZ is more important than just changing a flag!

Hundreds of countries have changed their flag and yet have not been recognized. If we change our flag too, many countries won’t be able to identify where we are from and who we are instantly. Plus, the NZ flag has already been changed in 1834, 1840, and 1903. It’s probably going to be changed again so why should we put in so much effort? It would also just be a huge argument over which flag to choose as we are approximately 4.471 million. I think we should just keep our flag the way it is!

I’m sure I have persuaded you to think like me! Remember to acknowledge the confidence our NZ soldiers had when they fought under our flag, the amount of other important things we can spend the money on and how countries won’t be able to recognize our country because of all the changes that have been changed in our flag. What’s your opinion?

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