Monday, 9 June 2014

Topic Challenge

Room 9's challenge was to find the answers to each of the three set questions then explain their findings in 25 words. They have done a great job of finding the facts and putting them into their own words.

What is Pollination?
Pollination is a process which pollen is transferred from the anther to the stigma of the plant. Thereby  it makes it possible to Fertilization  and reproduction.

Explain in 25 words that the role bees have in a plant reproduction?
Bees help plants grow. Without bees we wouldn’t get chocolate, coffee, bread and most other foods that we have today.  They help us alot.

Explain in 25 words how plant reproduction processes produce much of our food.
The plants reproduces more so than  before, because the bees have helped it grow  by transferring pollen from one flower to the female flowers stigma.

Kyra and Joshua

What is Pollination?
Pollination is when Pollinators (Bees,Moths,Butterflies) get pollen from an anther(Male) and transfer the pollen into the stigma(Female).

What role do bees play in plant reproduction?
Bees transfer pollen from a male flower into a female flower’s stigma.

Explain in 25 words how plant reproduction processes produce much of our food.
If this process didn’t exist we wouldn’t have foods such as fries that are produced by potatoes which need plant reproduction to grow.

Fine and Halatoa

What is pollination?
Pollinators (Bees etc.) collect pollen from plants and put pollen on other plants so they can grow. Without pollen there wouldn’t be plants and other things..

What role do bees have in plant reproduction
Bees fly to plants. They grab the pollen. Bees carry pollen to other plants. The pollen jumps on to the plant to help it grow.

How plant reproduction processes produce and much of our food
Plant reproduction is creating more plants. More plants mean more fruits and more food that grow in the ground to eat.

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