Thursday, 12 June 2014

Continuing to build our Room 9 learning community

This picture shows Dontalian creating a google presentation of one of the ways we continue to build our Room 9 learning community. He used the Ipad to capture images of Room 9 working collaboratively as Critical Friends. Being a critical friend means you have a forensic look at your partner's work. You work together  to find the bits that they got wrong and help them fix their errors. We use the ideas in our Room 9 Writing Toolkit to help us make changes.


  1. Hi room 9

    I like how yous are learning new things and I like how yous are working on your netbook and it helps yous alots and keep up the great learning.

    By Linda

  2. Thank you for capturing our learning Dontalian. Your presentation shows how we all work together and learn from and with each other. Well done!

  3. Hi room 9]

    I really like your presentaion and how you are using your learing skills. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey Room 9

    I liked how you set out your prensentation it looks great.
    Keep The Good Work Up.