Friday, 25 October 2013

Narrative: Deannika


From where I stood it looked like the flames were swallowing the house. I coughed and coughed until I could catch some breath. As I fell to the ground I thought to myself “Are my parents alright?! I have to do something!” So I climbed up the tree that was outside of my mum and dads window, as I took a look inside all I could see was my mum panicking while squeezing my dad’s hand. I yelled out to them, “Mum!, Dad!” 

They looked as I threw a rock through the window. I helped my mum and dad to get out safely. We ran around the back to have a look through the sliding door. But, we could only see one child. We grabbed the brick and smashed the door so we could get in, it was like we were stealing from our own house! But we weren't. 

I ran up stairs to have a look for him but he wasn’t here and then I thought about the hut that our family built in the garage. So I sprinted as fast as I could. There he was, fast asleep on the bed. I held him close to me and met my family outside. 

Me and my little brother ran to them and gave them a huge hug!Straight after we called the fire station and they came straight away. We all had to go to the hospital though to get a check up. We got out the next day and went straight home to clean it up. It was a frustrating journey but I was just thankful that my family was safe.

Everything went back to normal in no time, our family were as happy as we could ever be!


  1. Hi Deannika
    I like your narrative and I like the way it sounds like a drama movie

  2. Hi Deannika.
    I like how you gave the story a hook at the start and it wasn't boring for the body of the story.