Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tongariro Erupts by Aryan

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Mount Tongariro first eruption was a shocking 275,00 years ago. Its has erupted 70 times since

1839 that just shows tongariro is a mammoth of a volcano. Lava splattering smoke rising ash covering the land.It sounds like an atomic bomb exploding.peoples eardrums ringing farmers and people that live near there should be frightend. Nearly everywhere you looked it was covered in ash.The air and sky was full of ash and smoke. The ocean bubbling. Air foul with the harmful chemical of the mountain. people in the mount tongariro area were hugely affected by the explosion. Sheep or other animals covered in ash.air in smoke and ash on the ground 5 cm deep that amazingly shocking. We should never doubt nature. This is Phoenix and aryan from taupo news reporting live from this organic bomb known as mt tongariro.This terrifying mt tongariro has been in a deep sleep and has awaken and has greeted us with its fiery gaze.Its last eruption was in 21 november 2012. Now we are reporting from taupo news studio with our new cameraman michael. The mountain is no more than a fiery corpse. We are leaving you with a good piece of advice a volcano is a force not to be reckoned with. So be careful.

Created and Written by Aryan Sharma

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