Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Rise of Mt Tongariro by Kapri

The Rise Of Mount Tongariro.

New Zealand's Mount Tongariro has roared back to life after 150 years asleep. Parts of the North Island spreading as far as Napier, Taupo and Wanganui have been covered with thick ash. Flights to Napier have been delayed and pilots have been told not to fly aeroplanes near Mt Tongariro because of the smoke.

I am standing in the town where Mount Tongariro has erupted. The people here said that they were so terrified they thought they were going to die. All they could hear was big crashing noises. Residents say their hearts were beating so fast they almost had heart attacks. Babies were crying, children were screaming, dog’s barking, cats hissing and many other animals making their terrified noises. Locals report that the eruption started around 11:50 pm, close to midnight.

Farmers are worried about their water and food supplies, as water and food for animals are covered in ash. Ponds and river seem to be covered in a thin layer of what appears to be paint. People were seeking shelter as lava and boulders came spurting out of the top of the  enormous giant.

Following last nights eruption, local people woke up to find the ground covered in a thick layers of ash. Flights have been cancelled, roads and tracks have been closed. people now face a big clean up after this eruption has taken place.

At first people did not heed the warnings and didn't take it seriously. Then at 11:50 PM on Monday 21 November, Mt Tongariro took everyone by surprise by unleashing ash, smoke and boulders towards houses, farming lands and ponds. People were regretting not taking the warning seriously. Volcanologists say that the eruption was just a one of event, worst case scenario is that this is the beginning of a bigger and terrible eruption.

People are not sure when the next eruption will take place. They have been told that if they are caught in ash fall, cover your face, seek shelter, protect eyes with goggles. Don’t wear contact lenses however if you need to make sure you wear goggles as well. We can’t stop mother nature but we can take steps to protect our eyesight.

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