Friday, 15 February 2013

Leila's Bio Poem

Is fun, awesome, annoying and creative
Daughter of Teresa and Daniel
Lover of chocolate, pancakes and milkshakes
Who feels happy when its the school holidays
Feels sad when the holidays are over
Feels angry when she gets annoyed
Who is proud of being good and doing great at school so I can go to Australia for a holiday
Who admires my family because they’re good role models and all of them are different, which is good as I have alot to learn from them.
Who fears not watching t.v, having no internet and listening to no music
Who would like to see people making chocolate
Who lives in New Zealand


  1. Hi Leila, I really liked how you described yourself and I think that you are AWESOME as well as fun annoying and diffidently creative! When you get chance to go and see people making chocolate that would be spectacular. I admire your poem I think it's great, keep up the awesome work!!!

  2. Hi Leila

    Your picture looks awesome and your words are funny too.
    Keep up the good work and one question,What is your Favorite program?

    From: Shantay

  3. Hi Leila

    Your picture looks awesome and your words are funny too,
    everything you wrote is true.
    Keep up the great work

  4. Hey Leila,

    I really liked that you have put all of your sentence's in your own words and I also like your picture.Your bio poem is really awesome!