Friday, 19 February 2021

The Qualities of a Good Leader by Bella, Chris, Juel, Farzana and Kauri-Tinielle

LI: To unpack what leadership looks like.

Our Inquiry objective was to think and learn about the four important qualities of a good and reliable leader and what leadership looks like.

In our groups, we started by talking about the four qualities of a good leader and the definition of each quality. The four qualities of a good leader are: leadership, responsibility, being a role-model and team work.

One we defined each quality, we wrote down as many words as we could that related to the qualities of a good leader.

After this, our group came together to write a 25 word paragraph that talks about the qualities of a good leader. We used the words that we picked out from the list to create this paragraph. 

Finally, we created an infographic poster (using a google draw) to  define the four qualities a good leader should have.

I enjoyed creating the 25 word paragraph summary because I was able to define what a good leader looks like from my perspective and share what I think a quality leader should be and their expected capabilities.

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