Friday, 4 May 2018

The Story of Hineahuone| By Ofa and Fraidoon

For this term we have moved from searching about the Winter Olympics to learning about the Human body. Our first task was to create a storyboard about the story of Hineahuone who was the first women to be created (based on the Maori Beliefs). I worked collaboratively with Fraidoon to create this and we did a amazing job together. Before creating anything we were to sketch note on paper. We did this by drawing symbols of what the story was talking about. For example if the story had the word jump in it we would probably draw a person jumping or an arrow going up. It was a bit challenging but we got the hang of it at the end. After sketch noting we were to read our symbols and try and read out the story. As you can see our storyboard looks very simple with short paragraphs to it. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Kia ora Ofa and Fraidoon,
    Thanks for sharing your story of Hineahuone. I can see you have worked really hard to tell the story in six simple frames, I can tell you have done some great planning. Have you used a specific comic making app or google drawing. I really like your images too. Did you draw these or find them somewhere? I would like to share your story with other learners to inspire them of other ways to create. I look forward to hearing your tips of where to find images. Thanks heaps.