Friday, 23 March 2018

John | Silver Care Award - Attitude

I have created a drawing about Mike Krzyzewski. He was a coach who had never let his team down once. He had inspired me with his truth and honesty words which made me once and a true learner. He is words inspired me but it inspired everyone else who knows Mike Krzyzewski. 


  1. Hi Alex ,
    I really like how you explain how Mike Kryzyewski inspires you ,
    I also really like him ,
    Maybe next time you should check your sentences to see if it makes sense or not.

    Good work Alex !

  2. Hi Alex,
    I like how you presented your thoughts about Mike Kryzyewski because you have really told me that this man is an inspirational person. I can connect with his quote because it is really tough to lie to somebody if you're not looking at them straight in the eye.
    I have now learnt about a new person and who that person is: Mike Kryzyewski.