Monday, 7 August 2017

Winter Learning Journey... WOW!

Congratulations to all our Panmure Bridge Winter Learning Journey bloggers. We are so proud of you!

The images above reflect the participation in the Winter Learning Journey from Panmure Bridge's Learning Space 2. Congratulations to Daniel, Oh Hsen, AJ, Alex (LS1), Ofa and Eric our main prize winners; Nazella who got a special mention; and everyone who took part. Our top two bloggers, Oh Hsen and Daniel each commented 500 times on fellow blogger's posts!

A huge thank you to Rachel and her team for creating an exciting learning adventure that took our students on a virtual tour around New Zealand, and for the many, many comments made to everyone who took part. 

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  1. WOW! I am hugely impressed with Learning Space 2! The Winter Learning Journey is an incredible opportunity and I know Rachel works really hard to make it an exciting experience. It is great to see that so many of you got involved AND how many comments you left. I am sure the other learners involved would have appreciated your comments. Were any of you involved in the Summer Learning Journey too? What do you like best about blogging and commenting over the holidays?