Thursday, 6 July 2017

What an amazing prize!

Ofa and Daniel our prize winners.

PBS singing Tutira Mai

Daniels blog post below tells us about his amazing prize of getting to watch the All Blacks training at Eden Park.

Two weeks ago (on a Friday), Panmure Bridge school had a black out day. Everyone could come to school in black (to represent the All Blacks) or red (to represent the Lions). During that day, Mr Ogilvie made a video of PBS singing Tutira Mai (The All Blacks song). Panmure Bridge school won a competition and got two tickets to see the All Blacks train on Thursday 6th of July (Today) and two tickets to do the captain's run with the All Blacks on Friday 7th of July (Tomorrow). I won the two tickets to go and see the All Blacks train today. Even in training they were very impressive, however, the best part of the day was getting loads of photos with them!


  1. Looks like Daniel had an amazing time! Very lucky to meet all those players :-)

  2. Hi Panmure Bridge it’s Tarjzon from Paihia School in Te Ngahere.
    That would be cool to see the All Blacks in Eden Park. You Are so lucky to see them.

    Glad that you had fun.

  3. Kia ora, Daniel. I’m Thomas from Paihia School, you guys were really lucky to have a photo with the all blacks. Did you enjoy seeing the All Blacks? Because it seemed like it.

  4. Hi Panmure Bridge, my name is Vanya, and I go to Paihia School.
    That is really cool that you got to watch the All Blacks, so amazing you got to see the All Blacks. I wonder if you have seen everyone in the team? ^_^

  5. Hey Daniel my name is Cilla and I am a year 7 Student from Paihia School.I really love your google slides. I hope you had a good time seeing the All Blacks. It would be so much fun to see them. Did you guys play any games with the All Blacks?

  6. Hi Panmure Bridge School. I’m katipa from Paihia School. Wow a black out day to represent 2 teams Lions and All Blacks. You should be proud to have picture with the real life All Blacks. But not only did you get to have pictures with them but also got to see them train that’s so cool.

  7. Hi Panmure bridge School my name is Ezia from Paihia School I really like your photos with the All Blacks.

  8. Keep up the great work daniel and those are some great photos :D