Monday, 3 April 2017

Kokako facts by Nazella

This inforgraphic is about the Kokako bird. The Kokako is a bird that can be found in the North and South island but it is very rare to see one. 


  1. Kia Ora, Nazella my name is Ngahuia I go to Paihia Primary School and I really like you google drawing. I am a member of a family group called Bay Bush Action. I learn a lot about birds and trees, this is very helpful for me and I will certainly be showing the group this.
    I think that you could make your font bigger so others can view it better.
    Also I think you could add more picture.
    Other than that I really enjoyed looking and reading at your google drawing it was a great factional presentation.

  2. Kia Ora Digital Footsteps,
    Nazella your facts about the Kokako are amazing I didn’t know that Kokako eat leaves. Thank you for sharing your facts on your class blog I learnt more about Kokako. Did you have to study about them or did you already know these facts?

  3. Hi Nazella my name is Yuktha I think your facts about Kokako are really helpful if you want to learn about Kokako. This is really informative and l like your photo of the Kokako. Are Kokako in New Zealand or a different country?

  4. Hi Nazella,
    I am Zoe from Karoro School. You have made an amazing info graphic about Kokako. I have never heard of that bird before. You have stated many facts about Kokako.

    I like hoe you have a lot of information about the kokako. you have also shown clearly that you no what you are talking about.

    One thing that you could fix up is in the fourth fact you have spelt kokako okakos

    Thank you for sharing you r work with me I really enjoyed it

    From Zoe