Thursday, 23 February 2017

Interschool Softball Report: By Sylis

On Wednesday Panmure Bridge School participated in the interschool softball. There were three teams, one was a Year 5 and 6 team which was called Panmure Bridge School, another was a Year 7 team called Panmure Bridge B and the last team was a Year 8 team called Panmure Bridge A. Once everyone was ready to play we figured out where we needed to be and played. The year 8 team played Point England, Tamaki Primary and Glenbre. We all played very hard but we lost all our games. Then we heard that we were playing the year 7 team. The year 5 and 6 team did really well and won two games. 

It was really fun even though we lost all our games. Thank you Mr M, Mr Ogilvie, Mrs Kirkpatrick and Mrs Caroline for coming down and supervising us.

By Sylis


  1. Hi Sylis, I like how you included all the teams and what year are in those teams. It looks like you had fun! I've always wanted to play softball too.
    From Maya

  2. Kia Ora Panmure Bridge School
    I really liked your softball photos, I thought they were really cool! Did you have fun? There was some great action shots. I especially liked the one with the tennis ball flying past the camera.

    Our school does a similar thing every year. We have a teachers vs year eights game. I wonder how we will do this year? It sounds like you had heaps of fun.

    Next time I think it would be cool if you included some video footage of the game. Even though there was some great photos. Other than that I think it was really cool and I enjoyed watching.

    By Aleece
    Karoro School

  3. Kia ora Panmure Bridge School. I am Nyah from Karoro School all the way in Greymouth!

    I just want to Congratulate the Year 6 and Year 5 teams on winning 2 games in Interschool Softball Competition.!!!!! The other teams (your school teams) went really well as well. I also recently just competed in an interschool competition as well but for Swimming­čĆŐ instead. I have never played Softball before and the closest I have got is T-Ball. It is so good that you the year 6 and year 5 team won. You guys must of trained a lot.
    Ka Pai

    Bye for now and happy blogging!
    By Nyah
    Karoro School