Thursday, 20 October 2016

Reading Challenge by Nesi

For the past few days for reading we had to work collaboratively as a group to complete the task. First, our teacher told us nothing, instead of saying anything she wrote what she needed to say on her laptop, from there we worked as a group to figure out what to do. We first had to read a big book as a group and write what happened in the story in exact 25 words. Our next task was to fill in the blanks for these 2 other stories, the first one we got was slightly easy but the second one was slightly harder because it used harder words and it had an longer story. As we worked as a group we got the task finished and filled in all the gaps by trying it. We had to follow the instructions and understand the meaning of the story. We were learning to skim and scan so we could find the word that best fitted in the gap. I really enjoyed this task as we had to follow the instruction because it was an different way of doing the activity. Our learning intention was to follow instruction and making sure we had to read for meaning and understanding.

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