Thursday, 7 April 2016

Narrative by Sajiha

“No! Get away from me!” The young girl screamed in terror. It was her only chance to escape from the two mysterious men who had kidnapped her, before she was stuck with them forever or even worse, before she was dead. She sprinted and sprinted until they could no longer be seen in sight.

“Where am I?” She questioned herself. Trapped in the middle of no-where, the sky grey as a old man’s hair, the grass dry as a dessert that had not had rain for decades. What was her next step and could she ever escape from the tragedy she was in; were the questions she was dying to know the answers to.

It would have never happened if she hadn’t gone out with her friends in the middle of the night. It wasn’t her fault though, her 3 close friends had persuaded her. Although, she did suspect something was going to happen from the outset…
She also knew that she would be full of regrets.
“Why was I that ludicrous to walk through the Alley Way just because of a dare?”
She questioned herself…

“Just do it, it won’t cause you any harm, will it?”
Her best friend exclaimed as she convinced her.
“I might let my best mates down, they’ll be hugely disappointed.”
She thought to herself quietly. Sarah could clearly see two men in black hoodies walking her direction though.
“It doesn’t matter, my friends are here, they’ll protect me if anything happens”.
But… She was wrong, more than wrong. As soon as the two men had Sarah in their hands, all her friends bolted away, as fast as Usain Bolt.

She was shoved into the trunk of a car, with her hands and mouth tightened with strong duct tape. She knew a long journey full of mystery was ahead of her.  

As the night fell, the clouds got darker and darker until she no longer could see anything clearly. Her heart felt as heavy as a rock. She could burst into tears in any minute. But, she made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t give up until she reached home. There was no solution at the moment, so she would have to wait until dawn,  until the sun rose, until she could reach out for help from someone passing by.
“What if… no-one passes by though?”
She exaggerated.

It was finally dawn. The smile on her face showed how delighted she was when she saw the bright yellow sun slowly rising up into the baby blue sky. She dashed like lightening towards the edge of the road, where it was as silent as a library yet as empty as her wallet.

Hours and hours passed, but there was still no sign of anyone. She had lost her faith into getting home. She was no longer the energetic girl she was yesterday or even an hour ago.
Questions and worries kept popping into her mind:
“It can’t be helped! I have to keep on staying here until eventually someone passes by.”
It could be minutes until someone arrives, or hours, maybe even days.
“But, I wouldn’t be able to survive a week here though, as I have no water or food.”
She depressingly murmured to herself.
“I wonder how my parents are doing right now, how worried my siblings might be right now?”
She started praying to God to help her get home by the end of the day, to help her find someone, to help her stay safe…

“My prayers are not answered!” She wept.
Exhausted on the dry grass, hopeless. Physically and emotionally drained too.
“Another night for me to spend here, I guess.” She yawned.
She slowly wiped away her salty tears that were unhurriedly making their way down her rosy cheeks.
After a few minutes, the sky was pitch black. There were trees in a distance that were rustling, which made her even more petrified. Suddenly, she remembered how the night before she had promised herself to not give up until she reached home. As soon as this popped into her head, she stood up, as if all her energy was back.
“I can’t give up now, after how long I’ve been waiting.” She said in a high spirited tone.

Unfortunately no cars passed by…

“What is that?”
Sarah stood silent. She could see a object in the air gradually making its way towards her. It got closer and closer.
“A helicopter!” Screeched Sarah.
She shouted for help to the helicopter as loud as she could. At the same time waving her arms in a super fast pace, showing how desperate she was to get home.
As the helicopter got nearer and nearer, Sarah’s heart pumped faster and faster.

The helicopter finally landed… Right next to her!
Sarah’s feelings could not be explained. She felt as if a whole heap of pressure had finally vanished from her. The worry that was on her stressed out face, minutes ago had disappeared as well.
“We are in charge of checking in for lost people in unknown places.” Explained one of the two men.
Oh, how overwhelmed and pleased Sarah was to hear this. She quickly rushed into the helicopter as the only thing she wanted to do in her life at that moment, was to get home. (Approximately 3 hours to get home.)

Sarah was on her way to, ‘home sweet home’.
Relieved, contented, radiant but exhausted, dead-tired and worn out simultaneously.  

Another long journey of travelling all the way back home was ahead of her.

This term we have been learning to write narratives. We used the picture prompt below to help us imagine how this situation came about. We tried to hook our audience in by thinking about the pace of events and the pictures we painted with words. I have used sentence structure to help develop pace and a sense of urgency. Next time, I need to try and keep the pace consistent throughout my whole narrative.

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