Friday, 12 February 2016

Congratulations to our PBS Summer Bloggers!

In January Woolf Fisher ran their 'Summer Learning Journey' challenge to encourage our senior students to keep blogging during the summer break. Each blogger went on an adventure with Curious Kiwi as they used their smart searching skills to take them around the world, completing daily challenges that helped them learn new facts about each country they visited. A huge thank you to the wonderful Rachel and her team of bloggers gave them great feedback every time they published a new blog post. All students who took part were awarded their certificates and prizes at assembly today from Rachel. Congratulations to you all. You made us very proud!

Our PBS summer bloggers

 Congratulations Daniel PBS Top Blogger!

       Congratulations Sajiha and Zeba PBS 2nd place!


Congratulations AJ and Alex PBS 3rd place

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