Thursday, 4 June 2015

Animals in WW1

'Some people say that animals were vital (really important) to the war effort in WW1.'
What do you think? Why?

Room 5 worked collaboratively in pairs to research and discuss this statement before formulating and presenting their own informed responses to each other. 

The challenge to create a DLO to present their findings without using google slides or google draw.

Oh S'Mar and Manu

San Tat and Zahn

Latham and Tim

Paige and Djae

Zeba and Halatoa

Shantay and Saruja


  1. hi room 5 i like your blog .

  2. Hi San Tat and Zahn I very like your pigeon-cher ami.

  3. Hi Shantay and Saruja I really like your Animal in WW1 poster. I hope they don't die
    and great work.

  4. Dear Room 5 that is a good poster of the animals that died in world war 1. I hope you do more and learn more about it.

  5. That prizi was very good and sad because 8 million horse died in world war 1.

  6. Hi room 5 good job on your work.I like it because it made me feel like I am a animal from ww1.

  7. hi room 5 I like your animales in world war one poster.

  8. Hi room 5 i like how you used
    popplet .

  9. Hi room 5 i like your popplet.

  10. Dear Latham and Tim I like the way you have told allot in what happened and what happened to the animals in WW1 its sad too.

  11. Hi Room 5 I really like your WW1 poster because It looks good .

  12. I like your prezi because I like how they put lots of facts about the first Maori contingent