Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Building our Collaborative Classroom

Working collaboratively this year will help Room 5 learn with and from each other. To begin building this collaborative ethos the students worked in groups to experience and explore the key competencies of 'Thinking'; 'Relating to Others'; 'Using Language, Symbols and Text'; 'Managing Self' and 'Participating and Contributing'. 

The challenge: 
  • To work together to decide the meaning and purpose of each competency and what this might look like in our classroom. 
We think the key competencies...

"... will improve our work and move it to the next level.  This is because we will have built confidence in our answers and will have learned key information from our friends."
Fine, San Tat, Dontalian, Saruja and Tim

 "... advise you to use them when working individually, in partners, or groups to produce different strategies in order to solve problems."

Yvette, Raymond, Tiare, June and Jacob

"... could help us think about what we would like to do in the future and help us achieve our goals, by making connections with others to help us with our work."

Djae, Halatoa, Samantha, Evelyn and Paige

 "... help us to have courage in our school work.  They make you feel more confident to take risks in your education."
Latham, John, Zahn, Jasmine and Sajiha

"... will help us get more opportunities to ask or answer more questions about our learning."
Sebastian, Oh S’Mar, Zeba and Ducati

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