Friday, 19 September 2014

Kapri and Jazmine's Research

This is a Prezi that Jazmine and I have done about China. It tells you what food Chinese people brought to New Zealand, Why they Migrated to New Zealand, What they celebrate, what they celebrate, facts about China and the street food.


  1. Hi Jazmine I like how you have done your presentation. I like how you have set it out, and used the arrow to show which slide is coming next. I like how you have used a combination between New Zealand and China. Question Time? How did you do that with your slide?
    What did you use to make it like that?
    Next time you could add music. BYE

  2. Kia Ora Kapri and Jazmine,
    My name is Astin and I really like your presentation about China. It is very informative, I didn't know the reasons that the Chinese migrated to New Zealand. But maybe you could add some more information.