Thursday, 31 July 2014

Explanation: Dontalian

Why do I need a good grade for college?

When I go to college I need a good grade for when I go to enrol. The school will want to know what I’m good at and what I need help with.

I need to work hard in Year 8 so when I show them my report they know what I’m working hard on and what I can achieve.

When I’m at college I have to try hard to achieve goals so I can be what I want to be. They want to know what I can do so they can teach me new things.

College is a place where big kids go to learn about more things and so they are ready to get a job or go to university. When I do work at college it going to be challenging so I need to make sure I have the skills I need to help me understand the harder work.

By getting good grades at school in Year 8 I will get to choose the college I want to go to. The college will want high standards so Year 8 is the time for me to focus.

By Dontalian

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