Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Transformation Art

Room 9 looked at some of the patterns that represent the cultures in our class. By combining shapes that reflect our heritage and our knowledge of transformation we have created these images using warm and cool colours.


  1. Hi this Duncan and Bradley

    This is colour full beautiful thanks for your wonderfull

  2. hi room 9
    i really like your guys colours they really stand out and they are bright
    : )

  3. Ello Room 9

    I really like how you use hot and cold colors to reflect. The problem is that some of the pictures are more translation than reflection. My favourite one is Samantha and Fine's one, because I think it is the most symmetrical one in the group of pictures. I also like the fading of colors you did.

  4. Hi room 9

    I love your Transformation art work and I like the cultural designs and the hot and cold colors. What a beautiful and colorful art work.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi Room 9,

    I really like your guys artwork, I especially like Tim & Oxsanah's art.
    Keep up the Great work guys

  6. Hi room 9

    I think that your art is great and it stands out and think that my flavour art is Time and Oxsanah's because it bright and different coloers and the art looks nice and keep up the great art.

    By Linda

  7. Hi room 9 I like you art because it draws me in like the colurs are amazing
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi room 9
    I like how you have half of each well done I think that you are doing some amazing art in room 9 keep it up room 9.

    From Amato

  9. Wow Room 9!
    Awesome art work from you guys! I really like Jacob S and Faitele's because they look good and it represents my favourite team from the NRL.
    I like how you each had one side to do and you guys did it equal. The overall best for me thought is Oxsannah's and Tim's.
    Keep the fantastic work up!

  10. WOW Room 9!!
    I really like your arts that you have done this term. I really like Samantha's and Fine's because they look cool but I really like how they designed their flower.
    I like how you guys have a side to work on. Great team work. Well done room 9. I hope I get to see some more art. Keep it up.