Thursday, 23 January 2014

2013 Year 8 Graduation


  1. Hi Mrs Anderson

    I like how you made a slide show from the year 8 graduation I liked the music and all the photos.
    From Jhardae

  2. Hi Room 6 and 9
    I like your graduation and you guys look like you had a fun time.

  3. Hi Room 9

    I really enjoyed having a walk down memory lane seeing the year 8s
    BY Quaid

  4. A cool video Mrs Anderson i really like the photos it looks really fun i hope we have one this year and have as much fun they had i think who ever took the photos should be a photographer one day.. good job for the year eights.

  5. Hi room 9 and 6

    I really like the video and photos I liked how you and Mrs krikpatrick posted it on room 9 sites

  6. Hi room 9 and 6

    I really like your video and also the song Mrs Anderson. I really enjoyed watching the video but mostly the smiles on there faces. Who ever took the photo's they should be an photographer. Keep it up you year eight's.

    From Mere