Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Current Events: Leila

TITLE: Scary bite many mean op

WHEN: Friday May 17, 2013

WHO: The people that were involved were, Stella Twigley, her mum, the doctors.

WHERE: It happened In Pakuranga

WHAT: A girl(Stella Twigley) got bitten by a spider. The spider bit her on her finger then started to swell. The spider bite began to spread up her arm. The spider bite was getting worse, so stella had too go too the doctors. The doctors then gave her panadol and it didn't work so she went into hospital. Stella then began too feel short for breath and faint. Stella had too get surgery. The doctors said too stella that they might have too scrape the infection out of the joint in her finger.

WHY or HOW it happened: It happened because stella left it and it began too spread up her arm and causing the bite too get worse.

What do you think the author wanted you to learn from this article?
The author wanted us to learn is that if you discover you have a mark on your skin you need to do something before it gets worse.

List 2 new words you have found in this article, then write their meanings.
welts: bumps in the skin.

presence: the state or fact of existing

This is my current events I have completed in class. It was about a girl that got bitten by a spider then it started to spread up her arm. What I have learnt from this Article is that if you discover any marks on yourself you need to do something about it like see a doctor to tell someone.

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