Monday, 18 March 2013

Kane's Recount of our school picnic

Trip to Eastern Beach

Last Monday the whole school went on a trip to Eastern Beach. We got on the back of the beast and raced down to the beach.  Once we got to there we all walked over to the reserve where Mr. Johnston was standing, and we sat down.  He told us our rules for being at the beach.

We all sprinted to a spot where our teacher told us to. We had morning tea then went out to play on the sand.  The sand was boiling hot and was full of broken seashells everywhere. It was like walking over bits of glass just scattered all over the place.  The sand wasn’t clean white like the paradise beaches, it was dark and dirty.

Room 9 & Room 6 were both split into 4 groups, A, B, C and D this was for Kayaking. The year 7 & 8’s were thrilled to go kayaking.  Ms. Kirkpatrick did a short training with each of the groups about how to grab the paddle and row. She also told us the do’s and don'ts while on kayaks.

On land Mrs. Anderson was on ‘grass time’ for the whole day. She watched over everyone while Ms. Kirkpatrick was teaching us kayaking skills.   Everyone was ecstatic. We played cricket and rugby, built sandcastles and explored.  When it was our groups turn to go kayaking we listened to Ms. Kirkpatrick very carefully. After she had talked to us about kayaking we all got in a kayak and blitzed off towards the pink bottle that was floating. It was scary for me because I nearly fell out countless times.

Once we all got to the bottle we all got close together, holding the kayaks next to us, while they were doing the same.  Ms. Kirkpatrick asked Leila and Isaac to stand up and walk across the kayaks. Leila walked across the back while Isaac walked across the front it was hard to watch, but it would’ve been funny if one of them fell in. After we did all of that we played tag. The taggers were Ms. Kirkpatrick and Mr. Grady, they had to tag us by touching our kayak with their paddles. If we were tug we had to hold our paddle up until a non-tagger touched our kayak with their paddle. It was very hard trying to get away from Mr. Grady because he was just too quick.

Once we all were tug, Faitele and I were the taggers. I could hear Ms. Kirkpatrick laughing at me saying “NA-NA-NA NA-NA!”  over in the distance. I knew I should go after her but I went after Mr. Grady for revenge. As I came up behind him my arms started to tire. I was running out of energy so I stopped. He was lucky he got away.  After that awesome game of tag we got together and had a race back to shore. It was a close game between me and Ms. Kirkpatrick but unfortunately... I won!!! WOOHOO!

After everyone got to shore and since we were the last group to go kayaking we had to help Mr. Grady and Ms. Kirkpatrick put the kayaks on the trailer, they were heavier than I thought they would be.  After that Ms. Kirkpatrick had a swim but Mrs Anderson still didn’t get to go have a swim, she just had the wonderful grass time.

At the end of the day we lined up and walked towards the bus I thought to myself
“ I don’t think this day could have gone any better” especially because I got to play my Xbox when I got home.

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  1. Hey Kane.....

    Great recount on Eastern Beach. I really liked how you used personification and great language features. Keep up the great work and hope you keep writing more interesting and awesome recounts.