Sunday, 29 November 2015

Yvette's Manaiakalani Ambassador Presentation

Today I represented Panmure Bridge School at the Panmure Yacht club to an audience of teachers. Each school in the Manaiakalani Cluster had one representative who presented a digital learning object in their classroom. I decided to showcase a google poster I created earlier this year based around the Maori Pioneer Battalion. My challenge was to write a letter to the editor sharing my reasons why conscription of men who the government has disappointed should not be allowed. All students that had contributed to the presenting today did excellently and we all encouraged each other. It was nice meeting new people and we all said our goodbye's - for now. Below is the presentation I showcased. Hopefully you like it as much as everyone else did. 


  1. Hi Yvette,

    I enjoyed reading your Maniaklani ambassador presentation. I really like the image you put on your front age it shoes that your a hard worker, and that you focus and concentrate on your learning.Your letter to the editor was well written .

    From Zeba

  2. Hi Room 5,

    Wow, Yvette did a wonderful job by presenting front of the audience. Her presentation is very clear to see. The thing that I like the most was her letter the editor.It was really powerful and I Think she is going to be a writer when she is growing up. I think she did a great job.

    Keep up the great work Yvette!

    Your Sincerely,